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Team studies TCF scheme

A TEAM of government officials from Australia visited Fiji to discuss the renewal of the SPARTECA TCF scheme. Members of the delegation are from the Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australian Customs Service, Department of Innovation, Industry Science and Research, and the Australian High Commission.

Textile Clothing and Footwear (TCF) Council of Fiji president Kalpesh Solanki said the purpose of the visit was to meet with council members, as well as the Government and the customs department, "to better understand the proposal by TCF industry for the extension of the S-TCF scheme, as well as improvements to the scheme".

He says the SPARTECA TCF-Scheme is important to Fiji's TCF industry since over 80 per cent of Fiji's TCF exports are to Australia.

He said the final decision to grant the extension and improvements rested with Australian government.

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